The Raikes Family
The Raikes Family

Triplets Arrive at 29 Weeks
Erica and Charles Raike Despite a lengthy hospital stay at Cabell Huntington Hospital, triplets Elijah, Abigail and Gracelyn Raike continued to receive the love and support of their parents, thanks to the Ronald McDonald House.

Following an advance hospital stay of 61 days, Erica and Charles Raike welcomed triplets into their family December 19, just 29 weeks into Erica’s pregnancy. While the triplets, each weighing less than three pounds at birth, remained otherwise healthy, their premature arrival meant staying at the hospital until February.

During that time, the couple received accommodations from the Ronald McDonald House, allowing them to go early each morning to the hospital and stay late to watch over their new family.

“With our Ohio home more than an hour away, it was wonderful not to worry about how to manage when it came to seeing the children. What a comfort to be able to spend the day with the babies and know that there was a place right around the corner to sleep and get a shower,” Erica said.

Charles, who needed to maintain his job responsibilities in Ohio, appreciated the Ronald McDonald House too.

“The house was a lifesaver,” noted Charles. “It not only allowed Erica the opportunity to stay in Huntington so that she could be with the babies every day, it offered me the opportunity to affordably travel back and forth to be with the children as much as possible.”

Reaching numerous families throughout the region each year, the Ronald McDonald House continuously provides families just like the Raikes with a safe and supportive environment when they need it most.

“They even provided us with Christmas gifts during the holidays,” said Erica. “We felt grateful to be surrounded by people who cared so much.”

Everyone at the Ronald McDonald House feels equally grateful to be part of the Raikes’ happy ending, after providing Charles and Erica a place of solace…at the house that love built.