Meals that Mend

In 2022, we served 7,753 meals to families of critically ill or injured children.

Imagine being in an unfamiliar city hours away from home, spending nearly all day, every day, in the hospital caring for your sick child. The last thing our exhausted families want to do when returning in the evening is deal with the financial, physical, and emotional strain of planning and cooking a meal – and they shouldn’t have to. That’s where you come in!

Providing a meal helps our families maintain their physical and mental health during their child or sibling’s medical journey, but more importantly, it allows our guests to gather around a hot meal, exchange stories, and lean on one another for support. We have three ways you can help take a worry off our families’ plates by putting something on them!

The meals and food pantry were amazing and helped ease the burden of trying to find food or travel to a restaurant. We only had to worry about our family member - which is the only thing we should have to worry about."

meals that mend sponsorship opportunities chart

Sponsor a Meal

If you’re not an expert in the kitchen, a great way to help feed our families is by making a donation toward our meal program!

Cook in Our Kitchen

We require all meal donations to be prepared in a commercial kitchen for the safety of our immunocompromised kids. Want to provide a meal that’s homemade? Visit the House to come cook a meal and meet the families you’re serving.

Donate with a Delivery

Do you have a favorite restaurant you know our families would love? Organize a time to have a meal delivered to the House!

To sponsor, cook, or donate a meal, contact Whitney Stephens.